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Il dipartimento di lingua russa per Stranieri

Il dipartimento di lingua russa per stranieri occupa una sezione separata dell'università. Qui gli studenti stranieri, in classi autonome, seguono i corsi di lingua in maniera individuale o di gruppo. I corsi sono condotti da docenti specializzati nell'insegnamento dei diversi aspetti della lingua (fonetica, grammatica,letteratura,conversazione  ecc.)

Dal documento di presentazione dell'Università:

" In case you are familiar with curricula of Russian Studies of any other Russian university, you might be curious to find out difference with our programes. NovSU has a number of advantages.

If you make up your mind to advance in Russian at Novgorod State University, you have an option to:

- Choose between group or individual studies Groups should be formed before the arrival, and the person forming a group gets a discount on the tuition fees.

In case you choose individual classes, you have an option to determine the total duration of courses ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months, course loads 10 to 20 hrs per week, the time you would like to start. Besides, you may take part in composing an individual syllabus for your classes, in which you take into account your professional interests.

- You can also come as a group of students of the same year and take advanced classes designed so as to take a closer look at the aspects of Russian language you are studying in the current semester (in which case you would need a consent and a written recommendation of the Russian Department of your University).

- You can compose plan and individual program of working with tapes and special software in addition to your regular classes without extra charge.

- There is a possibility to expand your curriculum by adding special courses in Russian culture, literature and history (these should be included in the program and conducted as regular studies).

- You are welcome to take an active part in planning your extra-curricula activities for the duration of your stay in Novgorod.